Top 8 Best Stock Video & Photo Websites of All Time

Here is the ultimate list of world’s best free stock video and photo download sources

“You can freely use high – quality free images and free videos from the list of websites that we have put together.” 11

“We will start with a shorter list of free stock video websites that provide both images and videos with CC0 license for your downloading and subsequent use, which you might find in both of the following lists.” 11

“Here is a list of places you can get free stock videos to use in your social media content plus other uses.” 3

“If you know of websites that offer free stock videos and footages for commercial use, kindly share it with us and our readers in the comments below.” 6

“This is a list of sites where you can get some royalty free videos ( some are completely free of charge ) that you can put in your own videos, commercially or noncommercially.” 15

1. Coverr: Free Stock Footage | Royalty Free Videos for Download

coverr is the #1 stock video footage website on our list

#marketers    #quality    #site   

“Coverr is a completely free stock video website that provides marketers and entrepreneurs with hundreds of high – quality videos for all of their marketing and branding needs.” 1

“The site is run by Leeroy, a Canadian digital agency with very high – quality content that is perfectly suitable for online marketing.” 2

“Free stock videos are great for marketers and individuals who want to create high – quality content without burning a hole in their wallet.” 1

“But now, there’s quite a range of free stock video sites that allow marketers and bloggers to capture audiences without breaking the bank.” 1

2. RocketStock: Video Elements & After Effects Templates

Rocketstock is the second website on our royalty free list

“Rocketstock is a commercial stock site that features a small but quality collection of free After Effect templates, lower thirds, Premiere Pro titles, and other creative elements that can add value to your videos.” 12

3. Stock Photos & Royalty Free Photos by Dreamstime

Dreamstime is the 3rd out of 8 free stock videos websites
Dreamstime is the 3rd out of 8 free stock videos websites

#library    #photographs   

“Also, Dreamstime library has a collection of 128 million images that includes stock photos, free photos, audio, vectors, and illustrations for your projects.” 11

“Dreamstime is the world’s largest stock community where you can find a library of your perfect stock photos, which it releases the images under the CC0 – public domain license.” 11

“If you also need icons and vectors or stock photos, try Shutterstock’s image library for free – use their free trial.” 10

4. Freerange Stock | Free Stock Photos And Videos

Freerange is the 4th out of 8 on our list

“In essence, Freerange provides free stock photos with a large library of thousands of images available to download and use for free.” 11

“Professional photographers upload their work to the website, and you can use all of those high – resolution free stock photos for free.” 11

5. Picdrome: Gallery

Picdrome is 5th out of 8 stock footage websites

“Picdrome offers a complete compilation of stock and new photographs and can provide the original – full – quality version of these photographs upon request.” 11

#sites    #list    #know    #need    #footage   

“In the meantime, if you have a favorite stock footage source that we don’t know about, let us know in the comments.” 16

“Here are a handful of sites from around the web that just might have the shot you need — for FREE!” 10

“There are a surprising number of sites offering totally free stock video footage – the best of which I have compiled below.” 4

“If you’ve been looking for the most comprehensive list of free video footage online, then this is the site for you.” 7

“If you had known of any other CC0 licensed sites or CC0 images or CC0 videos not found in the above lists, we would love to know about them in the comments section.” 11

“Overall, the site offers more than 1.2 million free videos and images so you are sure to find one to suit your needs.” 2

#agreement    #check    #terms   

“I encourage you to read through each section because, in addition to the free content, I also show you how to verify and check for the licensing and Terms of Use Agreement on each website.” 7

“It doesn’t matter if you are using a free stock video clip or one that you paid for, you always need to be aware of the licensing agreement that is in place for that particular piece of stock.” 16

“Always make sure you read the terms and conditions regarding their usage before downloading stock videos and footages from these sites.” 6

“While these fantastic, easy – to – use, free stock video websites are available for everyone to use, it’s always important to ensure you are complying with each site’s license, terms, and conditions.” 1

6. Videezy 

Videezy is the 6th best stock photos and videos website

#community    #HD    #videographers    #world   

“Videezy is a community of videographers who upload and share free HD videos, b – roll, backgrounds, and other interesting video footage, including many 4k videos.” 12

“They also have a huge library of CC0 licensed HD and 4 K videos contributed by videographers from around the world.” 6

“Videezy is one of the largest video communities in the world and allows users to download free stock videos from their large, high – quality collection.” 1

“This stock video site claims to have the world’s largest royalty – free collection of videos with more than 1 million clips in 4K.” 3

Pixabay’s video library is curated by an enthusiastic community of videographers and editors, each doing their best to contribute to the open public.” 0

“Videezy, by the creators of Brusheezy and Vecteezy, is a community driven platform with a huge collection of free HD stock footages and 4 K videos.” 6

#food    #bloggers    #photographer   

“Whether you are a professional photographer, food blogger, passionate food enthusiast, these awesome food photos are just hanging for your use.” 11

“Photographers from all over the world share photos through the website under one goal of Foodiesfeed – that is, to make engaging food photographs available online to enhance the use of beautiful and amazing food photography.” 11

“The site is one of the internet’s top sources of high – resolution photos for use by designers, photo editors, students, or bloggers.” 11

“It includes free photos for startups, bloggers, publishers, websites, designers, developers, creators, online freelancers, to make some awesome things that make Startup Stock Photos more than just happy just to have helped.” 11

7. NegativeSpace: Beautiful Free Stock Photos

NegativeSpace is the 7th best website

“Negative Space is a Community – based Website, a beautifully curated collection of CC0-licensed images for personal or commercial use by bloggers, artists, and small businesses.” 11

#HD    #SD    #K    #quality   

“An SD file costs $ 65, an HD clip is $ 79 and an ultra HD, 4 K video worths $ 179.” 16

“These videos can be downloaded from Vimeo in .mp4 format in UHD 4 K, full HD ( 1920 x 1080 ), 720p HD ( 1280×720 ), Mobile SD ( 480×270 ) and SD ( 640×360 ).” 6

“This means you can buy 4 K quality footage for $ 59 the piece, by far the lowest market rate for this kind of quality.” 16

“There is no shortage of places to buy top quality stock footage for a fee, with some sites charging hundreds of dollars per 4 K or even HD clip.” 12

“Not only does this stock video website have a super – sleek interface, but all of their SD and HD videos are free!” 1

#projects    #design    #web    #find   

“In this post, we bring to you a collection of websites where you can find high quality free stock videos and footages to create an immersive visual experience in your own web design projects.” 6

“Foca stock photos are free for use on your website, themes, templates, projects, print materials, social posts, and more creative projects.” 11

“Do also take a look at these free resources for designers and developers that has free icon sets, backgrounds & textures and tools which can come in handy in your web design projects.” 6

“You can find videos on food, nature, science, cities, stores, and technology on Videvo which you can use for your projects or on your website.” 12

“With these free video sites, you can find professional quality videos for free and use them in your web design to make them more inviting for your visitors.” 6

#Adobe    #Effects    #K    #Pro   

“In addition to their free stock video section, they have a marketplace for Adobe Premiere Pro, Rush, After Effects, Final Cut Pro, Davinci.” 2

“In addition to free stock videos, Mixkit also offers free stock music and free Adobe Premiere Pro templates and video effects to enhance your video production.” 6

“Free 4 K Light Leaks, 16 Free 4 K Light and Dust Overlays, free After Effects templates, and a bunch of other great free downloads.” 10

“Stock footage, animation, After Effects templates, and plenty of nature videography in 4 K and HD are waiting to be found on Videezy.” 5

“Most free stock videos are provided in HD resolution, but there’s also a good selection of 4 K clips – mostly landscape scenes and abstract clips rendered using Adobe After Effects.” 13

#download    #sign    #save    #account    #freebies   

“If you ‘d like to contribute your own videos for others to download, you can do so after signing up for a free account.” 13

“You will need to sign – up in order to download videos, but it is completely free and doing so allows you 5 free downloads per week.” 1

“However, you can sign – up free of charge to find and follow videographers who contribute to the website regularly, as well as to save your download history.” 1

“With the free account you can download up to 5 free videos every week and you only can choose from the videos listed as freebies, not from the commercial collection.” 12

“All clips in the library are free to use as you wish and are a simple “right click save” to download.” 9

#asking    #permission    #credit    #edit   

“You have the right to even edit and alter them to your satisfaction without giving credit or asking for anybody’s permission.” 12

“When you use free videos from Pexels there’s no need to ask to link back to the original source or ask for permission.” 2

“All videos are available under Creative Commons CC0, which makes them safe to use without asking for permission or giving credit to the artist – even for commercial purposes.” 12

“Their collection is also under the CC0 license, so you can edit and use the videos for personal or commercial purposes without asking for permission or linking back to the original source.” 3

“You can copy, do whatever it is you desire to perform, all without asking for permission from Jonas for use to your website or whatever, inspiring purposes or results.” 11

#commons    #domain   

“A It does entail a consistent adherence to a creative commons zero or CC0 license for all your best stock image and stock video.” 11

“These lists of free photo and video works that are under the creative commons zero or CC0 – public domain license will be your copyright – free stock images and stock videos.” 11

“Subsequently, converting viewers into customers looks possible as well with the aid of free stock videos under creative commons public domain or CC0 license.” 11

8. Free videos under CC0 licence – is the final on our list

“ is a young site that offers videos available under the license of Creative Commons Zero ( CC0 ) – public domain.” 11

“These copyright – free images and videos have the creative commons public domainA dedication typically referred to as the CC0 license.” 11

#clips    #categories    #motion    #animations    #including   

“You will find video clips from various categories such as architecture, fashion, people, places, travel and with different effects including slow motion, time – lapse and animations.” 6

“New clips go up every week, and they cover a ton of different categories, like abstract, animals, VFX, sports, and business.” 10

“This site is a good resource for stock footage because the collection includes quite a few categories as well as slow motion and time lapse.” 8

“On this page you can find high – quality free travel footage including drone shots, underwater video, slow motion and 4K. New clips are uploaded each month.” 12

“Still, new free stock videos are added every day, and the website has a wide range of different types of clips, including looping, time – lapse, aerial, and slow – motion.” 3


“You can use any of its free stock photos, however, and wherever you like, with no attribution required under CC0 license.” 11

“The majority of royalty – free stock photo websites require attribution, expensive subscriptions, or have some use restriction attached to their licenses.” 11

“ISO Republic offers high – quality free stock photos and video under CC0 licenses that mean no copyright restrictions or no attribution required.” 11

“These photos are accessible with ease through the use of its unique search feature, can be browsed by tags and color, and free to use under a CC0 license.” 11

“Pexels releases its high quality and completely free stock photos for use under the CC0 license for any personal and commercial purposes.” 11

“All photos on MyStock are under the CC0 license that is giving you the privilege to use it for whatever purpose you intend for these pictures.” 11

#attention    #message    #audience   

“Also, your video must support your site’s message without drawing attention away from the other content relevant for all users using different browsers or devices.” 14

“It’s almost impossible to disregard a video, and so if it’s used aggressively, it may overpower other important pieces of content that your audience should pay attention to.” 14

“While video backgrounds are very effective in catching the attention of site visitors, they can backfire if you need your target audience to concentrate on very specific content on your site.” 14

“You must only use a video background if it can put emphasize more on the message shown in your content and copy.” 14

“For the mid to large sized brand who is looking to make an impact overseas or across the border, having stock content that is both designed by and for that culture is a great way to boost authenticity and capture new audiences.” 16

#type    #require    #projects   

“The type of licensing isn’t specified but the terms of use mention that you can use the footage in both personal and commercial projects.” 12

“The licensing type for the videos isn’t specified ( except mentioning it’s free to use ), so best not to use in any commercial projects.” 12

“Some licenses allow commercial use while others require credit, so check the licensing page before you grab up these great free videos.” 5

“Please pay attention to the type of the license, as some videos require attribution and some are only available for non – commercial use.” 12

“As far as the license goes, pretty much anything is allowed, so get as much of this great footage as your project requires.” 5

“However, the licensing terms of their videos are not clear, so my advice is to use it for personal videos only.” 12

#attribution    #watermarks    #required   

“This includes 30-second clips with no watermarks where attribution is required, as well as 10-second clips with watermarks but no required attribution.” 1

“While their premium content can be used commercially and non – commercially without attribution, their standard ( free ) content must be used with attribution.” 1

“All of Life of Vids videos are watermark – free and require no attribution for either commercial or non – commercial use.” 1

“No sign – up is required, no attribution necessary, no watermarks are applied, and all their high definition stock videos are available for commercial and non – commercial use.” 1

“It contains stock photos that are free to adapt and use for private and commercial purposes without any attribution, no watermark, and guaranteed origin.


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