This is Exactly What You Need to Know About Using Free Stock Video Footage

This is your complete guide to using royalty free stock videos for your editing projects

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“Royalty free video clips are free stock video clips that can be used in several projects and for unlimited duration worldwide.” 4

“You do have to become a member to download videos, but during your 7-day free trial you can download 5 files.” 5

“Life of Vids is a collection of free stock videos, clips, and loops from Leeroy, an advertising agency in Montreal, Canada.” 5

“For example, there is Pexels, this site promises to offer a great selection of quality video clips and the best part is they are free stock video loops.” 4

“With the free account you can download up to 5 free videos every week and you only can choose from the videos listed as freebies, not from the commercial collection.” 15

If you want to download free your favorite stock videos and images, you can either use this website because we have 1000s of them hand picked for you free. Or you can check out our previous post Top 8 Best Stock Video & Photo Websites of All Time.

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“All their videos come with a CC0 license, so you can use Pexels video anywhere you want, either commercial purpose or personal.” 15

“The Royalty Free license, at most of the best stock photo sites, enables using the files in videos, for both personal and commercial purpose.” 18

“The description accompanying most videos claims that the videos can be freely downloaded and used for both personal and commercial purpose.” 15

“All footage comes with a royalty – free license allowing you to use it in all types of productions for worldwide distribution.” 15

“Videezy has a large collection of video clips that are royalty – free for personal and commercial use, although they do ask that you credit when using their footage.” 5

“Whereas royalty – free stock footage is able to be used multiple times once the license is purchased Royalty – free stock footage can cost the user, or in the case of this site, Mixkit, be completely free.” 17

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“As you can see, using stock photos is a very simple way to create video content fast and without spending much.” 18

“Using stock footage is a quick, easy and cost – effective way to create an awesome video without having the hassle of shooting your own content.” 23

“In another testament of versatility, high quality stock photographs can make it so much easier to create any kind of videos you need.” 18

“From grabbing location inserts to creating a promo video without leaving your office, royalty – free footage is an excellent way to save time and money.” 3

“To use high quality stock photos for videos is a very easy way to create compelling motion productions easily and on the cheap, to share content with your audience that is what they want to see, without hurting your back or your pockets.” 18

Download medical stock photos and footage

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“Life of Vids ( sister site to Life of Pics ) offers free stock videos to download in six different resolutions, including mobile, which is the size of the video below.” 22

“A few well – placed snippets of free stock video can really bring projects to life, whether they’re presentations, websites or your own home – made videos.” 21

“They offer some motion graphics, but their specialty seems to be Quicktime footage of everyday life, which can really help many projects along.” 2

“XstockVideo offers a nice collection of footage that is free to download and to use in promotional, event, educational, client, and YouTube ( not monetized ) projects.” 15

“All their footage in web resolution 960×540 is free to download and free to use in a ‘Free to view video project’ ( promotional, event, educational, client, youtube without ads ).” 1

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“In this post, I ‘m going to guide you step by step through how to edit a video clip for the first time.” 16

“I would like to improve on editing, but since I do not usually record footage, is there any database where I could get free footage to casually edit.” 9

“If you are having trouble editing your video project or lacking inspiration, our Video Editing for Beginners Tutorial will be very helpful to watch.” 23

“I ‘m a video editor trying to put some of my most recent work into my reel but I ‘m a little conflicted about putting in pieces that are heavily use stock footage and images.” 11

“In this tutorial, I’ll give you tips and techniques to help you seamlessly match your stock footage to your video production using Adobe Premiere.” 19

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“The type of licensing isn’t specified but the terms of use mention that you can use the footage in both personal and commercial projects.” 15

“The clips you download from Videvo will be licensed in one of two ways : either through the Videvo Standard License or the Creative Commons 3.0 license.” 5

“Those licensed under Creative Commons 3.0 can be used in any project but credit must be given to the original creator.” 5

“You do need to credit and to link back to Vidsplay or you can purchase a special no – credit license for a fee.” 15

“The licensing type for the videos isn’t specified ( except mentioning it’s free to use ), so best not to use in any commercial projects.” 15

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“Stock footage, stock video, a stock shot or b – roll is usually a clip less than 1 minute in length and created to represent a generic topic.” 17

“You can find stock footage for a wide range of categories, from business and lifestyle to outdoors and travel, as well as aerial drone footage and much more.” 17

“Videographers shoot stock footage clips from a more generic perspective so they can fit into a wide range of different video concepts and styles.” 23

“Stock video footage or as sometimes called b – roll is a piece of video clip normally shorter than 1 minute ( with exceptions ).” 4

“On this page you can find high – quality free travel footage including drone shots, underwater video, slow motion and 4K. New clips are uploaded each month.” 15

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“The Stock Photo Secrets Shop gives a whopping 50 % discount in stock videos to all members subscribed to any of their stock photo plans.” 18

Download birds & animals stock photos and footage

“By far the wisest option when it comes to using stock photos in video footage is to buy royalty – free images from reliable stock photo agency online.” 18

“To make sure you do your absolute best with stock photos in your videos, here we tell you all you must know about using Royalty – free stock images from the best stock photo sites in video production.” 18

“But in general lines, this kind of use is covered at most stock photo agencies and it’s perfectly okay to use photos in videos.” 18

“The fact that these photos and videos were all created by one person makes them more unique than content from other stock sites.” 5

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“Here we present top 4 pros and cons for using stock video footage in 2019 – a brief guide for your convenience.” 4

“Choose stock photos or video clips that match your brand and overall message, and then drag – and – drop them into your project to tell your story.” 24

“Choose the most desired footage that suits your purpose, add appropriate caption and music and, voila, your video is ready to go.” 8

“Second, beyond the technical details, it’s important to make sure that your stock footage matches the mood and tone of your video.” 19

“Think of stock footage as a visual tool to help your video inspire the right emotions for your viewers, and communicate the information they need to understand it.” 2

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“Most large – scale productions use these clips for establishing shots since it’s easier on both the crew and the production staff.” 3

“A lot of independent filmmakers use stock footage because they don’t have the budget to get the location shots they need.” 10

“Take Hollywood blockbuster budgets, for example — even a middle – of – the – road production can cost upward of $ 100 million.” 3

“Gone are the days of trying to get the perfect shot and hours of studio time with an entire production team.” 6

“With the right clips, making your project look like a major production on a small – scale budget is easily within reach.” 3

“Whether it’s a wide city shot to establish location or a collection of busy restaurant shots to establish a scene, stock footage should allow filmmakers to tell their stories with minimal cost and effort.” 13

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“But it’s crucial that the b – roll clips and the original shot clips correspond to each other’s color tone to create a visually appealing image.” 4

“Nonetheless, if you’re concerned about a clip looking too “stocky” because of the way it was shot, zooming in on a 4 K clip basically lets you “change” the shot to meet your demands.” 0

“Of course, it’s important that every clip in your production fits a common set of color looks and styles, so first, start by aligning your captured to that common look and feel.” 19

“Overlays, presets, and transitions are a one – step process for immediately changing the look of your clip — a simple, accessible solution for quickly stylizing any clip, including stock footage.” 0

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“If you want an easy – to – use video – editing app, Magisto uses AI to create content in minutes with three simple steps.” 20

Download technology stock photos and footage

“If you want to create video from pictures, PicPlayPost is an easy – to – use app that allows you to create automated slideshows and collages.” 20

“Loupedeck+ is a compact keyboard console designed for use with the most – used video editing software, including Adobe Premiere Pro.” 12

“If you want a free video – editing app for creating Instagram Stories, FilmoraGo is a comprehensive tool that covers all of your basic needs.” 20

“From the makers of the action camera GoPro, Quik is an app that was designed to edit video on the go.” 20

“If you’re ready to move up to professional features, KineMaster offers a video – editing app that is more robust than some of the others.” 20

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“For more ways of how you can incorporate stock footage into your video content marketing, check out the article 7 creative ways marketers can use stock footage.” 17

“These video clips are licensed on a per – project basis and according to the scale, duration and medium of the footage.” 4

“According to the State of Inbound report 2017 released by HubSpot, video marketing is a growing priority for most marketers across the globe.” 8

“Stock footage refers to video clips that have been professionally shot and intended to be used again in other video productions such as social media videos, Vlogs, interviews or any other marketing campaign.” 17

“In fact, 87 % of consumers said they want to see more video content from brands, according to The State of Video Marketing in 2019 report by HubSpot.” 20

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“You can edit the length, speed, rotate, adjust the colour, add a filter and delete any audio the video may have.” 23

“You ‘ve nailed the requested vibe with some excellent stock neon – blue vaporwave graphics, so you turn in your edit for feedback.” 0

“Be sure to leave room for text to make your video your ownayou can even search for awhite spacea to find photos with a little extra room for text.” 24

Download food & beverage stock photos and footage

“But depending on what’s going on in your clips, you might want to find a smoother way to join the two clips, as well as adjust the volume of the sound.” 16

“Zooming in on your clip will help you to see what you’re doing while you’re editing, and turning on the audio waveforms will also make it easier to see the sound on your video, such as people talking — in case you need to edit out a few words.” 16

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“Once you’ve created your social videos you can use Hootsuite to easily upload, schedule, and promote them across multiple social networks.” 5

“With new videos added every day, Stock Footage 4 Free has a wide range of video footage you can use on your social networks.” 5

“Promo is a video making platform that comes out of Slidely, an image – based social network and video creation service.” 8

“Bonus : Download a free guide that reveals how to increase social media engagement with better audience research, sharper customer targeting, and Hootsuite’s easy – to – use social media software.” 5

“So we ‘ve rounded up a list of places you can get free stock videos to use in your social media content.” 5

“Either filling gaps in a video you have already made, or creating a social media ad, stock footage has many different benefits.” 23

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“Ultimately, stock footage can give your video production a sense of flow by acting as a bridge from scene to scene.” 17

“While you might have minutes of amazing footage, clients do not want to trawl through footage to decide what they want.” 10

“In other words, using stock footage in a video, you allow scenes to be bridged from one to another when there isn’t any appropriate footage shot that fits the story flow.” 4

“At the same time, if youave captured your own footage and feel like something is missing, stock footage is a great way to fill any gaps.” 23

“Video editors want to build a story, so if you only have one clip of a subject, it’s hard to build a montage with emotion.” 14

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“The first two rows of search results are also sponsored videos from Shutterstock, which also require a paid membership to download.” 21

“As with many free stock video sites, the top row of search results are actually premium samples from an advertiser ( in this case Shutterstock ).” 21

“Keep an eye out for search results marked with a green ‘Pro’ tag; these are premium clips only available using paid – for credits.” 21

“Click the arrow next to Results from Adobe Stock to expand the results and select Videos to narrow the results to only videos.” 7

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“Note : 4 K HD in the lower right corner of a search result indicates that the video is available in both 4 K and HD resolution.” 7

“You may also be able to choose the resolution option of Full HD ( 1920×1080 or 4 K ) for the footage.” 17

“You have a choice of resolution ( 1080p or 4 K ) and the selections include slow motion, animations and time lapse.” 22

Download people stock photos and footage

“For example, if your finished video is 60 frames per second, using a 24FPS piece of stock footage is going to look mismatched.” 19

“However, if you don’t need high – resolution footage, there are options you can receive lower resolution clips and use according to your requirement.” 4

“It’s likely that you will see the message above if the frame rate of your clip doesn’t match the DaVinci Resolve default of 24 frames per second.” 16

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“For instance, if you’re editing a video to be exported at 1080, you can take your 4 K time – lapse shot of a sunset behind the Eiffel Tower and zoom in on the top portion of the image.” 0

“For example, does your video have to be set in New York City, or is a more general urban cityscape okay as the exposition?” 19

“You’re combing through the last parts of the video, and you realize that one of your establishing shots of a city skyline is drastically overexposed.” 3

“Why hire a crew, chase down permits, and pay for travel accommodations just to capture a brief time – lapse sequence of the sun setting behind the Eiffel Tower, when high – quality clips of exactly that are only a couple clicks away?” 0

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“Move the playhead to a place in the timeline where it is on top of the Title clip, and select the Title clip in the timeline.” 16

“Lastly, if you want to add a title to your video that will appear on its own, simply lasso all of your timeline by clicking and dragging in the stripy area around all of your clips.” 16

“This is in the same place as the Media Pool tab where we initially dragged out the video clip into the timeline at the beginning of this process.” 16

“Drag and drop your video clip from wherever you have it stored ( on your desktop, for example ) to the bottom half of the screen where you see “No clips in media pool” to bring your clip into DaVinci Resolve.” 16

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