The Ultimate Guide to Starting A YouTube Channel in 2020

Here’s how you can start a super-successful career on YouTube

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“If you’re looking for some awesome tools to help you make your video intro, look no further; we’ve compiled a list of our favorite intro maker tools for you already.” 22“If you’re recording a video that’s less flexible and needs to be done in a fixed place – like a cooking tutorial – you’ll need to prepare the area as best you can.” 20“If you’re willing to watch a few tutorials and be patient throughout the process, you probably have all the skills you need to edit a YouTube video yourself.” 22“In this article, we’ll tackle the basics and give you the information you need to create your best YouTube video yet.” 20“That for every $ 500 course, $ 50 guide and $ 5 eBook you could learn all the skills you need in one simple blog post or video?” 20

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“Learning how to make a good YouTube video is the first step to starting an online video business, and that’s something we feel should be free to learn for everyone.” 20“This collection of YouTube video ideas is split into seven categories : general YouTube video ideas, business, fashion and beauty, gaming, sports and fitness, movies and TV, and music.” 18“If you need a little help getting free footage to use in your videos, check out our home page and feel free to download whatever you want.” 22“But if you’re new to video marketing, you might be wondering how to make a YouTube video in the first place.” 22

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“Whether you want to earn money on YouTube without creating videos or as a content creator, joining the YouTube Partners Program and setting up monetization is a vital step.” 3“While it’s easy to set up, earning money through advertising as a YouTube Partner is far from the most lucrative revenue stream you can create for yourself.” 3“Making money might not be your reason for starting a YouTube channel, but the opportunities to earn are a pleasant surprise once you realize how many of them there are.” 3“Doing this puts you in control of your income and allows you to continue to make money, even if YouTube decides to keep slashing payments and restricting views to your channel.” 20“The most successful YouTubers are able to do what they love and make a significant amount of money at the same time.” 18

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“This means that you can use this on any YouTube video you have to boost their views, likes, subscribers, and comments.” 11“You can stretch your campaign budget and target only unique users by selecting to not show your video ad to someone who has previously viewed the specific video, who has visited your YouTube channel, or shared, liked, or commented on any of your videos on your channel.” 4“This can mean responding to comments, subscribing to other users ‘channels, creating response videos, running contests for viewers, collaborating with other brands, and anything else you can dream up.” 0“Your outro could include a call to action to visit your website, subscribe to your channel, watch additional videos, contact your team, or more.” 22

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“Once you’ve created a marketing video you want to advertise on YouTube, it’s time to create your video ad campaign.” 4“Running a series of YouTube ads is one way to make sure more of your target audience finds the video content you’ve produced.” 4“When YouTube targeting includes search history, it may be a more cost – effective way to target your audience with a more engaging form of content — video.” 4“Try running multiple campaigns to target different groups of users to discover who is most engaged, rather than including everyone you want to target in one campaign.” 4“Stay tuned for more from us about how to make great video ads for YouTube and social media, and where we think YouTube marketing is headed next.” 4

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“For creators, not much changes, as they will get paid for content consumed by non – members on YouTube along with content on YouTube Premium.” 3“But the reality is that YouTube has been demonetizing content that it doesn’t deem advertiser – friendly since 2012 via an automated process, without warning and without the content creator’s knowledge.” 3“Now, the situation is actually better, as creators are notified when their content is flagged and can contest any time they feel a video was mistakenly excluded from YouTube’s advertising network.” 3“YouTube recently received a lot of backlash due to its decision to be more transparent about advertising on the platform and what qualifies as “advertiser friendly” content.” 3“YouTube advertising is more targeted than ever, and it’s less competitive real estate than the world of Google Search because video content is newer to the content scene and less popular than blog posts.” 4

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YouTube app for android and apple

“As you can see, the YouTube app is very limited on editing, fortunately, there are other apps which could be used to edit YouTube videos on android devices.” 8VideoShow is also a top free video editor and video maker app and it is very ideal if you want to edit YouTube videos on android devices.” 8“Considered as the only full – featured app to edit YouTube videos on android, KineMaster Pro Video Editor is packed with superior features needed to make quick and professional videos.” 8“You could also consider using a lightweight video editing app on your phone; for more on those options, check out The 21 Best Video Editing Apps for Android, iPhone and iPad.” 22“In this article, we are going to show you how to edit videos on Android smartphone with your YouTube app, and some useful tips while editing.” 8

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“When potential viewers are searching YouTube, it’s your video title that’s going to do most of the work of grabbing their attention.” 0“This is the first impression viewers will get of your video in their search results, so your video title needs to be clear and compelling.” 22“It’s also the reason why you need to capture your viewers ‘attention – fast – to get them to even click on your video.” 0“Today’s video viewers are very particular; you have to grab their attention in the first five seconds if you want to keep them around, which makes your video intro extremely important.” 22“By keeping your audience and their search interests in mind when uploading your video, you can increase the chances people will find it and watch.” 10

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“Don’t miss this critical opportunity – make sure to create a YouTube thumbnail image that reinforces what your video is all about.” 0“YouTube will automatically select a thumbnail for you, but it probably isn’t the most compelling image you could use from your video.” 22“Although YouTube gives you html code using the iframe tag, you can also include your video using the object tag, as seen in the example below.” 9“Design or use a high – quality still image from the video to entice a viewer to click on your video.” 4“Your thumbnail is the only image associated with your video in search results, so it’s got to stand out in the crowd.” 22“Format your thumbnail according to YouTube’s standards; the last thing you want is a thumbnail that’s too big, too small, or blurry.” 22

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“YouTube allows you to post a video reply to certain videos, which means that on any video you publish, someone can leave a “video comment” that references your video, and this “video comment” will show up below your YouTube video.” 11“YouTube Search : Your video ad will appear in results for searches and will appear on the YouTube home page, channel pages, and video pages.” 4“You can make a YouTube video private when you publish it, or you can make a public YouTube video private at any point after it’s been published.” 19“If you embed your own video on your blog, just below the video, add a link back to the video on YouTube.” 11“Most YouTube videos are public, which lets anyone see and comment on them, but making a YouTube video private ensures that no one else will see it ( unless you share that private video with others ).” 19

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“In PowerPoint for Microsoft 365 or PowerPoint 2019, you can insert an online video from YouTube or Vimeo on a slide.” 1“In PowerPoint for Microsoft 365, version 1907 or later, you can also insert an online video from Microsoft Stream, a video service for enterprises — people in an organization can upload, view, and share videos with one another.” 1“Whether you want to use your own footage or “borrow” it from somebody else’s channel, here are the three ways to insert a YouTube video into a PowerPoint presentation.” 14“Finally, if your task is capturing an online video and inserting it into an presentation that will be played offline, try recording it with Free Cam.” 14“While all the above tips require viewers to have an Internet connection, you can make your presentation internet independent by inserting a video from your computer.” 14

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“As you consider your video, think about the overall mood of the piece you’re creating, and how all of the video’s elements – music, lighting, voice over, even the colour composition – come together to create that mood and reflect your brand.” 22“Be sure to set an attainable funding goal because you’ll only secure it if you actually meet the goal you set.” 3“It has the power to supercharge what you’ve created for YouTube and turn it into a video worth of the pros.” 20“The right approach for your video intro will depend on what kind of video you’re creating and how often you create content.” 22“Whatever direction you choose to go, establish that before you collect footage so your video reflects the mood you’re trying to create.” 22

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“Simply navigate to your channel and click on the video icon in the top right corner, then click “Upload video “.” 22“If you want to delete a video, click on the context menu next to the video, and select Remove from saved videos.” 15“To add one to an already – existing video, go to your Video Manager, click Edit for the video you want to work with, and then click Custom thumbnail.” 0“Generally, you will need the full name and/or screen name of whoever uploaded the video, publication date, title of the video, and URL for video.” 23“If you have both the full name and screen name for the person who uploaded the video, you would include both, starting with the person’s full name.” 23

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“If you can find the keywords that bring the most video results, you can then use them to improve your video’s search ranking.” 0“For example, if you a video about Peanuts, and you use only the keyword “peanuts “, then your video may appear when people search for that keyword.” 11“Playlists make your videos easier for people to find, they can help boost your search rankings, and most importantly, the next video in the list runs on autoplay after the previous video finishes.” 0“Be sure to incorporate your keywords wherever you can to improve your search ranking, but specifically in your title and your video description.” 22“Websites do not currently have the ability to accurately fetch keywords from spoken audio in videos, so for now, written keywords are still a significant factor in video rankings.” 11

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“One last tip : If you’re one of the thousands of marketers, bloggers, or brands worldwide who use a YouTube channel to promote your product or business, there’s another powerful video advertising tool that you can use.” 0“Hopefully, these tips will give your video promotion a kickstart or the boost you need to keep your subscriber numbers climbing.” 0“Companies interested in your channel’s audience might sponsor your videos or offer you product placement deals in exchange for a shout out.” 5

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“First, test your audio on the camera you’re using to film your video and in the environment you’re going to film it.” 22“For example, if you’re filming outdoors at a local park, you may want to plan your video shoot during school hours so you have the place to yourself.” 22“This is a style of video where the presenter talks directly to the camera and tells people what to do next.” 0“Performing a lighting test before your shoot will help you eliminate any unanticipated surprises; for example, if you’re filming in a room with windows, you’ll want to be sure the natural light doesn’t create distracting shadows in the frame.” 22“You can invest in quality lighting equipment if your budget allows, take a trip to your local hardware store for a down and dirty DIY lighting kit, or simply move existing lighting around to get the look you’re going for.” 22

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YouTube studio upload feature

“You can share the Kapwing link to your video or download the video to your device and share the file via text, email, or social media.” 21“Just like on your computer, you can use the YouTube mobile app to make a video private when you upload it, or afterwards.” 19“Simply hit on the video camera button, record the clip and the app will upload your recording to your YouTube channel on the background.” 8“Use your computer’s screenshot feature to capture an image from your video that is emotionally compelling, and upload it in your video settings.” 10“You can also offer users the option to download or visit a site page with the full transcription in your video description.” 4“Upon clicking the Add to Offline button, YouTube app will ask you to select the resolution – Low, Medium, HD – of the file.” 15

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“If your test shows that your audio quality needs some work, it might be worth investing in an external microphone to ensure your audio is clear and high quality.” 22“But if your video is for a one – off campaign, it could be worth hiring experts rather than investing in equipment you likely won’t continue to use.” 22“Whether you need help buying better equipment, hiring actors, or covering other production costs, you can call upon your own audience and the crowdfunding community to pitch in if your idea is compelling enough.” 3“For example, if you’re going to create a weekly vlog, it may be time to invest in equipment you can keep at the office.” 22“If you don’t have any of those things, you’ll either need to invest in them or look to lend them from a friend.” 20

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“Brands use this platform to engage with consumers, produce value – adding content, promote their products and services, and build brand recognition.” 22“Your goals should also determine the type of content you will feature in the ad — some metrics are better for branding goals and others will drive leads and conversions.” 4“Take a look at how your competitors are using video content in their marketing strategy, and use them as a source of inspiration as you create content.” 22“Depending on the goals for the brand, you should determine a few goals based on these metrics and formalize a plan for optimizing creative and trying different targeting criteria to improve results.” 4“Depending on your leverage — your audience demographics, content quality, and how unique and profitable your niche is — you might be able to negotiate a better deal if the brand is a good fit.” 3

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Brand Account

“Choose to create a new channel or use an existing Brand Account : Create a new channel by clicking Create a new channel.” 7“Set up your channel : You might have a channel already, but if you don’t you’ll want to create a YouTube account and then create a channel for your brand.” 22“If this Brand Account already has a channel, you can’t create a new one — you’ll just be switched over to that channel if you select the Brand Account from the list.” 7“You can use a Brand Account to create a channel that has a different name but that’s still managed from your Google Account.” 7“If you’re wondering how to start a YouTube channel that draws attention to your brand, the next step is to fill out your profile and channel description.” 16

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“Social media networks are working to remove or stop the spread of a viral pandemic conspiracy video that contains false, misleading or unproven claims about Covid-19.” 6“The roughly 26-minute “Plandemic Movie” video claims to be an excerpt of a larger documentary to be released this summer and contains claims about the origins of the virus and how it spreads.” 6“The potential harm : “Plandemic,” along with other conspiracy – oriented videos, contain several inaccurate claims that could lead people to try ineffective, sometimes dangerous treatments for covid-19, or encourage people to ignore public health guidelines for staying safe.” 12“David Gorski, a surgical oncologist at Wayne State University School of Medicine who is a well – known expert on medical misinformation, has a thorough rundown debunking the claims here.” 12

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“This simple trick can help you drive more traffic to your website, which is especially important if you’re running a business.” 17“This is one of the awesome features from YouTube that helps to send a juicy link, and drive more traffic to your website.” 17“A good video can do an excellent job of promoting your products or services, bring visitors to your website, and driving conversions.” 2“You can also use cards to drive fundraising donations, traffic to a URL, or traffic to other videos as shown in the example below from Refinery29.” 4“Your YouTube videos have a purpose, whether it’s to promote your brand or lead the viewer to click on your website.” 0

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“YouTube requires that skippable TrueView ads be between 12 seconds and 6 minutes in length, and that non – skippable TrueView ads be 15 – 20 seconds in length.” 4“Select “In – stream or video discovery ads” to ensure your video ad will be in TrueView format ( in the style of the examples outlined above ).” 4“With TrueView ads, advertisers can gain a ton of information about the performance of their ads for optimization and testing purposes.” 4“Name your ad group, and then insert the YouTube link for the video you would like to run the ad for.” 4“There are also non – skippable, mid – roll video ads, which appear midway through a YouTube video that’s 10 minutes or longer in length.” 4

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“Claire Saffitz, the dessert darling of American food magazine Bon Appetit, attempts to recreate a classic candy or packaged food from scratch.” 13“Award – winning travel vlogger Mark Wiens is known for two things : travelling the world in search of the best street food, and his strange orgasm face that he makes when he tastes something delicious.” 13“If all of the above is too much for your senses to take, vegan vlogger Ryoya Takashima makes videos that aim to calm.” 13“The tattooed Sydney drummer rose to the pandemic occasion with his no bullsh – t videos that condemn convenient packet food with lots of swearing and sarcasm.” 13

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