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Free Download Nature Stock Video Footage & Photos

We all know that there is no shortage of high-definition stock nature videos, but what video hosting site can help you with free footage with standard copyrights? So we went into search mode and collected the top 100s and possibly 1000s of free images that also offer HD stock video footage for free.
Now that you know what the different licenses mean, it’s time to look for free nature images. There are a lot of great copyright free videos, but if you are willing to dig a bit, you will be able to find what you need to take your nature video to the next level. If you select the right video, make sure you view this special license to get a more detailed description of the copyright status of the royalty free video and other details.

Over $10 million library of royalties – unlimited nature stock photos and videos

A well-placed snippet of no copyright nature video clips, images, and audio clips can really bring your YouTube or video editing projects to life, whether it’s presentations, websites, or your own videos. Fortunately, on Free Stock Tube you can download high-quality video clips for free and without any license fees. You have a $10 million library of royalties – free photos and videos that can be used to create your videos and hundreds of thousands of other nature images.
We have taken a look at some of the best free-stock photo platforms and selected those that offer the highest quality nature stock footage, pictures and video clips.
There are even free PSD files that you can then animate into a video project, but to complete your project, check out our guide to the best free video editors.

Download your favorite nature stock video or picture in full HD 1080p or 4k

We # curated and found some of the free stock videos in this list, but we # also created a list of free video assets that you can browse. We have a huge collection of high quality free videos, which are free for both personal and commercial use. You can browse our free nature videos and asset categories to get a wide selection of videos from different genres to make your life easier. These videos include landscapes, sun sets, oceans, rivers, clouds, streams, waterfalls, summers, winter, autumn, spring, night views, moon, greenery, trees, mountains, flowers and lots of nature stock videos in full HD 720p, 1080p, 2k and 4k resulution.

Free collection of over 10000 nature stock video clips and images

We currently offer over 10,000 free stock nature videos, and we release a new one every week. Users can subscribe to our mailing list to receive a free copy of our free video asset in their inbox every ten days. This library has a huge collection of nature video clips hand-picked by the creative team, and creators must submit their videos to the site for approval.
You also have a wide selection of free video assets for other video editing projects for YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or any other private projects.
We are a commercial nature stock footage site and offers over 10000 stock photos for free download. If you need a great background video or image for your website or shoot a social media video, Nature Stock Videos is the ideal place to get some free stock videos. As the tin says, it offers a wide range of free video assets for games such as Star Wars: The Old Republic, Halo 4 and many more.

Nothing paid – every single nature stock footage and photo is free, free, free

Our great collection of Free footage offers a wide range of free images as well as some paid recordings various natural beauty scenes and many more.

Download your favorite photos and video clips in mp4 format 

Free Stock Tube is free and available in MP4 format, as compared to other sites where buying 4k clips costs $99, we charge none. We offer a wide range of free high definition stock videos for nature such as landscapes, sunset, moon, autumn, winter, summer, flowers, spring, snow, waterfalls, rivers, mountains, trees, forests and a lot more. This website has a curated collection of “free, high-resolution stock videos” that focus primarily on stunning landscape and country views.
This site offers a great collection of aerial drone footage and is available in MP4 format. This is a free stock video collection intended for both personal and commercial use, none of the content costs money and comes with a green “Pro” tag on thumbnails. The site is an excellent source of quality nature stock footage video that covers a wide range of categories.
In addition to this, our website has a long history of high quality stock video content available in MP4 format.
Full high definition videos and photos are available free of charge under a common creative license and do not require attribution. All our videos are in MP4 format and can be used without restrictions, and we offer everything free of charge.

Download as much as you want, you got nothing on us

All film and image material is subject to a license – a free license that allows it to be used for worldwide distribution for any kind of production.
Also, you don’t need to open an account before you can download the free nature stock picture or video footage, and you must not open your account to download it.
Keep in mind that if you scroll through the collection, some of the videos appear to be from various paid online sources and can be downloaded directly from this site with just one click. This site offers fresh content, unlike other free sites that use the same Creative Commons recordings. So feel free to download nature stock photos and video clips with your finger taps.


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